Growing up, Halloween was a big night for us. Picture the late 90's and a million kids running around in killer (handmade, thanks mama.) costumes. We had so much fun that we continued dressing up and yes. we even went trick or treating, well into high school. Unfortunately, college put an end to our annual candy induced comas.
This was my first Halloween at home in several years, and the trick or treating and the secret identities have been officially reclaimed by the little goblins that are slowly consuming our attention.  We are all grown up now and relegated to experiencing the magic of pretend through our little bitties’ eyes.
Using every inch of the skills I have acquired in my seven years of art school. my parents are SO proud.  I threw together a pretty awesome Evil Queen costume for my sister to match her little Snow White. im still waiting on my ribbon.  

^^^ She made a pretty hot Evil Queen.

^^^Snow White & The Evil Queen

^^^ Our little bitties were a little slow figuring out exactly why people kept putting candy in the magic, plastic, jack-o-lanterns, but they very wisely kept these concerns to themselves as they pulled out each piece given to them and tried to eat it as quickly as possible. 

^^^ Snow White and Minnie Mouse going door to door. 

Happy Belated Halloween Everyone. Enjoy your candy comas.